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Kenny Fu

Royal Academy of Music, London

He is an extremely sensitive musician whom I respect with the highest consideration. His teaching is not only very inspiring, but it is accurate and can guide you to become a better musician and human being. His philosophy towards the musician is very powerful and open. You can really feel that he has trained under some of the best mentors in the world, as his open-minded outlook when it comes to certain passages and phrases in music is extremely smart and elegant. 

Natalia Pawlaszek

Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw

In my opinion Pablo Galdo is not only an excellent pianist, but also according to the days I spent there playing and listening to the other participants, a very good teacher. His comments and advice were very professional and helpful. He is undoubtedly a creative musician with a distinctive individuality that he shares with other musicians and thus inspires them to search for an even better way of playing. From that moment I met Pablo Galdo and I'm still in contact with him because I found him to be a very sensitive and inspiring musician with whom I can always share and consult my musical experiences. I highly recommend him as a teacher.

Dilara Vardar

Alfonso X University, Madrid

I was really impressed by his commited and motivating way of teaching. He has acted as a key contributor to solve the technical and musical problems that I have been experiencing. He explained all the solutions for my problems about piano by providing excellent and proper examples and implementations. I should also point out that he does not like to give up until problems are solved. He knows how to motivate students, and offers his full support for their future career. All the classes and training that I have received from Professor Galdo, were enormously helpful for me, and I have benefited a lot from him. In conclusion, it was my honor to be one of his students. My steem to him.

Milda Umbruseviciute

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater

First of all, professor Pablo Galdo creates a very warm atmosphere that everyone to be self-confident. He notes not only your pianistic problems but also advantages. This kind of teaching always creates workable and meaningful outcomes. Secondly, prof Galdo is aware of a variety of approaches to teaching piano music. He showed me different ways to solve the various technical tasks and how to create beautiful sound. He has demonstrated the ability to extract different colours of sounds easily. Thirdly, he is absolutely passionate about music. His devotion for the piano music is evident and his enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques. Overall, professor Pablo Galdo is one of my best teachers whom I met in masterclass while studying.

Milana Dunauskaite

Master studies at Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy

From our initial meeting has already passed 5 years, but I still clearly remember all the details, benefits and inspiration he gave me during the lesson. I was playing F. Liszt Hungarian rhapsody n. 6. It was a really difficult piece for me, especially in a technical way. Pablo helped me a lot, to make the playing much more comfortable and pleasant for me. He gave me a lot of useful advices, concerning not only technique, but as well inspired to solve the difficulties with straight reference to the musical meaning and nuances of articulation, phrasing and other important components of musical language. I got many good ideas not only for Liszt Rhapsody, but also some general truths how to make the technique being just the tool for opening the meaning depth of the music. The lesson that I got from Pablo Galdo was very useful, memorable and interesting. I can say that Pablo is very patient with students, involved in music and passionate about making it to sound better. His knowledge developed through his own studying and pianist career together with southern temper makes him perfectly balanced teacher. He can explain by words, he can show by playing and he can make you feel how it should sound. I also observed other lessons by Pablo Galdo given in the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater and I can say that he is very attentive to a person and has an individual approach for different students which is very important in a teaching process. He creates friendly and pleasant atmosphere as well, so there is no stress or fears. I am very happy that I met Pablo Galdo and I hope that his professionalism, knowledge, and passion for music will spread through his students further and further.

Elif Tuncay

Istanbul University Conservatory

We had a lesson together which was very useful for me.  Mr. Galdo firstly helped me to positively change my attitude to the music. The lessons with him were not only “study”, it was also a very enjoyable experience for me. Thank Mr. Galdo I really began to understand the piece better. These are my impressions about the masterclass with Mr. Galdo. To sum up, Mr. Galdo makes the pieces easier to handle and more enjoyable to play. I'm very glad that I have worked with him.

Gunay Aghalarova

National State Conservatory of Azerbaijan

I had the opportunity to work with Pablo Galdo from September 2016 to July 2017 in the Masterclass program at Alfonso X El Sabio University, in Madrid, Spain. Pablo Galdo communicates so well with the student that class time went by very quickly. I was very fortunate to have been a student of Pablo's and to have had the opportunity to learn a lot from him. Throughout the year, he continually attended classes and taught much longer than the allotted time for each class. Due to his versatile education, Pablo has excellent teaching methods from various schools of music - Hungarian, Russian, American, German. The most impressive aspect of his teaching method is his attitude towards students. Pablo never tires of working on every detail, every sound and every phrase. Mr. Galdo can speak on a wide range of topics. while projecting a serene presence, a great sense of humor and maintaining a positive attitude and good vibe, always being very patient, disciplined, yet not strict. Pablo also has excellent human qualities, he always motivates, supports and uses every word with great meaning.

Diana Liiv, pianist

Artistic director of the concert series of MSS in Estonia

I would like to impress my great admiration and gratitude towards pianist and pedagogue Pablo Galdo. I met him about 5 years ago in Tallinn - in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, where he was giving masterclass, where I participated. I was studying in the Masters degree program at that time. I got an impression of him as a highly motivated young teacher and an admirable pianist as well as a kind and interesting artistic personality. I am convinced that he can help young pianists in a great and inspirational way.

Esteban Cruzaley

Alfonso X University, Madrid

I was honored to take piano lessons with maestro Pablo Galdo, and of whom I can very proudly say that he was an exemplary professor. He totally devotes himself to his students and the personal growth that he motivates in them. His teaching methodology is very special, and he works with students with a very detailed methodology very well adapted to each particular case. Personally I had many changes and benefits for being in his class, I acquired very valuable tools, that nowdays I still keep applying. Apart of his great pedagogical work, I also admire his work as concert pianist, and his priceless work for the developing of the musical activity and pianistic activity in Spain. Personally, I state that it was a provision to have worked and shared moments with him, because it is also an excellent person, of impeccable values, very respectable and totally committed to his tasks as a professor and pianist.

Betty Cortiñas

Superior Conservatory of Music of Vigo 

I had the pleasure to be a piano student under the supervision of Pablo Galdo for the first 2 years of my bachelor studies at the Conservatory of Music in Vigo (Spain), and I feel grateful I had this opportunity because it had a big impact on my piano performance skills and knowledge as a musician.  During the years under his supervision I experienced a very significant growth as a pianist. Galdo teaching style gave speciial attention to piano expressiveness and phrasing, and thank to his teachings I learnt to be more connected with the instrument, reduced completely the tension when playing (especially on very fast and virtuoso pieces), as well as greatly improved my self-listening skills. One of my major improvements I also had was related to piano touch and technique. Galdo devoted a considerable amount of time during piano lessons to work on specific exercises that really helped me to enhance the mobility and independience of my fingers and create my daily routine for technique training.  Moreover, he prepared me to play challenging piano repertoire for participating on the International Piano Competition of Vigo and I successfully obtained a prize as the best Galician pianist, which allowed me to record my first album as a pianist. As well as being an excellent teacher he also gave me the opportunity to meet legendary pianists such as Martha Argerich, Nelson Freire, or Tamás Vásáry ,among many others, and also be their page turner on several concerts, which was a very inspiring and unique chance to learn from them 

Karl Peterson

Estonian Academy of Music and Theater

Mr. Galdo has his own very interesting principles and views on music, his enthusiasm to reach the highest levels of piano playing made this fascinating masterclass. I received many new thoughts only during one session back then I´m thankful to him for that. As a conclusion, I´d like to say that I highly value M. Galdo as an pianist and piano teacher and warmly recommend to take part of his masterclasses now and further.

Eser Bilkeman-Sakir

Piano professor at Istanbul University State Conservatory

Professor Pablo Galdo came twice to the Istanbul University State Conservatory to give masterclasses to our students. During the course of his masterclasses, I have spent a great deal of time and effort on working in detail with each student. He had many valuable suggestions; both on the technical and interpretative aspects of the music. We observed that the students made considerable progress after their masterclasses. I would like to state that he is a great pianist: he plays very musically and has a very strong technique. His concerts were very well received here. We consider it our privilege to have had the chance of his masterclass and concerts here in Istanbul.

Lika Bibileishvili

University of Music and Theater of Munich

I would like to state his very high level of teaching, the depth of his musical thinking and the facility of communication with this musician. The thing that distinguished him from another masters are the so many interesting and different ideas he has, and all the innovative solutions he gives

Mindaugas Neverovas

Sibelius Academy

Mr. Galdo is a distinctive teacher who teaches his students with great devotion and skill. As a teacher, he´s very active to take care of the problems of his students. One of his specialties is highly developed technique instructions. Mr. Galdo also sees in advance the student´s learning progress and is able to give good advice concerning the right kind of repertoire. His teaching methods are very organized; with them he creates an atmosphere that provides his students with integrity, artistic motivation and a knowledge of musical understanding. I know Mr. Galdo as a teacher of outstanding abilities to instruct advanced pianists. I have faith in his career as a professor and as an imposing musician.

Gaye Sirinoğlu

Istanbul State Conservatory

I worked with him 2 etudes by Chopin. The first day he taught me some exercises, I studied as he told me , and the second day I was playing so different than the first day. Mr. Galdo taught me to study for hours without getting bored. He is not like the other piano teachers. He loves his job. Mr. Galdo has interesting techniques about teaching. He says something about a piece and this piece becomes so different than before. As a teacher Mr. Galdo is so calm and in my opinion this is the best thing for a student.. As a pianist Mr. Galdo is wonderful. I have made a concert in Istanbul and it was really great. I wish I can study with him again.

Venantius Rius

Professor at Musical Arts Higher School, Madrid

During this period of time with him, apart from his wonderful skill as a soloist, recitalist and chamber music player, I have found that he has a sincere and dedicated gift for teaching. He has the ability to teach at the highest level while maintaining a caring friendship with and respect for his students. Pablo's playing possess very unique qualities, qualities that are extremely rare in any player. His exceptional technical ability is surpassed only by his great musicianship. I find his care for detail most impressive. I am sure that he will be most able to provide the necessary experience and abilities in all the duties pertaining to your requirements. I will also provide a very brief personal character reference for Pablo Galdo. I have always found him to be a caring and sensitive person with warm and approachable personality. I know for a fact that Pablo is respected by professors and colleagues for his talent and his personal dedication and love of playing and teaching piano.

Nino Modebadze

Tbilisi State Conservatory

Professor Galdo is not only himself an exceptional pianist, but also a distinguished teacher. His masterclasses were full of ideas and unique approaches to music. He is very delicated towards his students and inmerses his all into achieving a perfection of the details while at the same time giving them the freedom of following their own musical instincts.  The dephts of his ways and methods of teaching had an impact on me as a musician. 

Liuba Sergijenko

Lithuanian Academy of Music

His teaching method was really revealing to me. It allowed me to see music in a different way and allowed me to progress quickly because it is organized in a logical and effective way. He also proposed a broad outlook to that particular lesson, pointing out the importance of my personal and musical development, and till I attained the artistic image of “El Puerto”, by Albéniz. Piano technique was regarded not as an end in itself but as a tool for attaining the goal. He has explored the anatomical movements in playing the instrument with a small hand as mine, and his theory of tone production involved the interplay of elements of mass, velocity, and height. I think this aspect of Pablo´s teaching is the key

Pinar Tasdemir

Istanbul University Conservatory

I know Mr Galdo as I participated in several of his masterclasses in the previous years. From the very first moment, Mr. Galdo´s enthusiasm for music and teaching showed by itself, and contributed to capturing the attention of every single participant of his masterclass. Mr. Galdo exceptionally showed connection and interest for each participant. His comments about interpretations of the pieces were quite creative and compatible, which makes it enjoyable and enlightening for the performing students. He had elaborately spent time on both my musical and technical skills, as he did so with many other students. Being a part of Mr. Galdo's masterclasses is a fulfilling experience; he has a brilliant guiding mind that is in harmony with anyone whom he works with. Mr. Galdo easily differs from any other professor I have studied by his eagerness for teaching and devotion to music which he perfectly reflects on those around him.

Alexandra Zvirblyte

Professor at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater

Pablo Galdo worked at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater with bachelors, masters, also some post graduated students at the piano department. All the lessons where on a very good professional level, with good musical ideas and detailed work.

Shaida Ahmad Khanbeigi

Tehran University of Music 

He is a awesome musician and pianist and I can highly recommend him as a creative teacher in the way of solving the students difficulties and to care about their needs until they are finally resolved. He finds out each student's special character and to find an easy way for them through his awesome teaching methodology. First thing he does is to make students more self confidence, and after that he will try to work on details and things which should be changed. He also cares about the student's study progress, and he has always a reason for choosing their repertoire. Overall, It was my honour to be one of his students. I found it very rich and unique. 

Saúl Chapela

Superior Conservatory of Vigo and University of Music of Munchen

His pedagogical work during the time I studied with him was excellent, intense and passionate, which meant to me a very rich stage and one of the most important pillars of my training as a pianist. Also, I consider of a great value his attitude to propose and develop musical activities as, for example, the organization of concerts for his students, and also the organization of masterclasses with prestigious masters. At last, I would like to highlight his concert activity, which lead him to collaborate with some of the musicians with the most international reputation, and to perform in all the world.

Rita Abou Khalil

Lebanese National Conservatory of Music

I met the great pianist Pablo Galdo when he was giving a masterclass at the Conservatory, and I would like to express with pleasure my gratitude for this unforgettable experience.Mr Galdo is an exceptional pianist, as well as a very good piano teacher. He motivates students, gives them confidence, creates warm and constructive atmosphere, and most important he believes in them, so they feel free, give their best and try to feel their instrument. The way he demonstrated diferent colours of sound, technics and movements is interesting and attractive. His passion for music is incomparable, and his love for his musical mission is unique! You can't not other than remember each and every word he said each time you play piano again. I am very proud to say that I was Pablo Galdo's student once in my life, and I highly recommend him as a very talented teacher.

Mohammad Sidik

Director of National Music Conservatory, Jordan

Mr. Galdo proved to be highly professional. He worked with students sharing his experience, showing full dedication and high teaching standard. 

Emmanuel Krasovsky

Piano professor at Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, Tel Aviv

In the name of the students and teachers of the piano department of this School, it is my pleasure to thank you for the fascinating masterclass you taught here today. Your artistic insights will prove of great value to everyone. Hopefully, we'll have the privilegie and joy to have you in our School again before long. 

Imre Rohman

Professor at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg

I met the gifted spanish pianist more than 10 years ago, and therefore I had the opportunity to follow his remarkable career as concert pianist and professor . Mr. Galdo is an enthusiastic and open minded musician. As a solist and chamber musician with reknowned partners he demonstrated his abilities in many countries in the world. He is a very succesful piano professor and therefore the general level of his students increased.

Aidos Baibossyn

Alfonso X University, Madrid

I completed my studies thanks to my professor Pablo Galdo, who worked with me very intensively and effectively. I have often supported and motivated me. His personal qualities are different from other teachers. He is very energetic and professional. He is so demanding and meticulous. After a few lessons, I started playing more expressively and professionally. He opened for me a new world of colors in music. I absolutely recommend my professor Pablo Galdo to learn from him and get a good experience of professionalism.

Remi Tournier

Estonian Academy of Music and Theater

He is not only a young and talented musician as I got to listen to one of his performances, but one can also sense his strong ability for teaching. Indeed, as we were working together, he caught my problems right away and pointed at them with the greatest attention. Thanks to listening to his advices both given to me and other participants, I had a much clearer sense of the direction to take in my work. His unique enthusiasm and energy is definitely inspiration-giving and motivating. I am now very proud to say that I was lucky to be given this experience and consequently, I highly recommend him as an exceptionally talented teacher.

Vasilisa Lopušina

Montenegro Music University

I’ve met M.Pablo Galdo on a piano masterclass. In that short period I’ve noticed that M.Pablo Galdo is really an extraordinary professor, and why? Is not that he’s only deeply interested in the pieces that we are working on, but he is also sincerely interested in a student’s personality and finding ways for developing students potential up to its fullest. 
In my humble opinion those skills are immensely important in the art of passing knowledge - teaching; as well as the intelligence, profound taste in music, sensibility and positivity as an general attitude at the end. Not less important - I would like to emphasize profound simplicity and elegance in both - his teaching and performing style. So all of that M.Pablo G. has as a professor and as a musician. I’m really glad I have the opportunity to be his current student. 

Arturs Liepins

Alfonso X University, Madrid

Mr. Pablo Galdo is a professor who, in my opinion, can be called a Master. He has two rare qualities that are more common separately than together: Being a good teacher and an excellent pianist. I appreciate that you are proactive in contributing to the classical music scene as a jury member and artistic director of piano competitions. One of the most important things I look for in a teacher is practical skills, ergonomics and the science of music. After all, playing the piano is an expression of emotion through movement, just like dance. He has this very unusual and exquisite knowledge that I could call piano choreography. Knowledge that could benefit anyone who is devoting their life to operating a machine we call a piano.

Lois Freire

Superior Conservatory of Vigo

I want to highlight his great professionalism and humanity. I improved enormously thanks to his methodology and advices

damla kosar

Istambul State Conservatory

I took a lot of benefits from his masterclass, I learnt about a lot of subjects and how things should be done, and he showed me how to do it. I look forward to his coming again

jessica wu

Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance / Private student

I enjoy having lessons with professor Galdo very much. He always provides me with new inspirations, not only in delicate details in the music, but also in general directions which I shall strenghten for my musical development. The knowledge and ideas he shares with me continue to inspire and stimulate me after each lesson. I had also the opportunity to observe his masterclasses during which he tailored his teaching according to the strenght and weakness of each participant. He always teaches with great patience which creates a fulfilling and positive learning experience.

Jan Novak

Private student

I really appreciate his style of teaching and how he communicates with his students. He inmediately recognizes what is an appropriate method, and how to practise. I also want to highlight his tender sense of humor during the lessons.

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